From Within

A short look at some of how America has changed and why.

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The Fall of 1958 was the year I first started school and graduated in 1970. During all that time there was never a mass shooting in school, in a movie theater, or anywhere else in this country like we see today. Why? because my teachers, like the overwhelming majority of school teachers loved America and saw it as their duty to instill morals and responsibility into the next generation. They understood that in order to preserve the union and safe nation that we had been given it was essential to foster a respect and a regard for country, but most of all for human life and dignity. Those educators knew right from wrong and they passed that on to their pupils. The pledge of allegiance was said every morning and on Monday in many classrooms across the country every child stood before the class and recited a memorized verse from the Bible. To memorize a Bible verse for Monday morning was a standing assignment in my fourth grade class of 1961-62

It was primarily during the nineteen sixties that things in this country began to change and that change manifested on our college campuses. Professors who were purveyors of hate for America and our Constitution started spewing their venom into impressionable minds. These people who had been entrusted with the care of our youth saw it as their opportunity to use their pupils as agents of change on a national level. To destroy from within was their goal and to change America, the strongest, the most open and free nation the world had ever seen.

Their teaching of hate, Socialism, Communism, Marxist philosophy and disrespect resulted in riots, burning destruction and loss of many lives. Such did not go away at the end of the sixties or even the end of the Vietnam war. Instead these anti-American professors have become commonplace throughout our college universities, junior colleges, high schools and even down to kindergartens. Their continued breeding of disrespect and hate has become a living undercurrent in America gradually destroying the very fabric that made us great in the first place. These people are accomplishing what no armed force of invaders could hope to ever do. Our strength, patriotism, pride and cohesion are being destroyed as we are groomed to become a new nation that will submit to the New World Order that is coming.

My home was not a Christian home growing up but my parents knew the value of MORALS and they knew they came from the Bible. It was not until the age of 41 that I became a Christian and unlike what the liberals today claim, no one ever tried to force me to become a Christian when I was not. The fears that the liberal non-believers harbor show insincerity and a lack of simple common sense when they claim Christianity is being 'forced' onto them.

Today we have a bunch of young people, even young adults, who have been given nothing to hold as sacred, worthwhile, or meaningful, especially human life which they have been told is little more than a tadpole. The result is that our nation is no longer under God and it certainly is not united. When those of us, including the dedicated teachers and professors, who do still honor God and decency are gone, then this land will at the first seem to many a paradise. However their celebrating will be short lived and what once seemed to be freedom will be revealed for what it is. There will be suffering and affliction, even among those who advocated and celebrated for what is to come upon them in their new world. God is long suffering friends, but He is no fool.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. ~ Galatians 6:7 tiny cross