Sodom Like Insistence

Liberals are Controlled by Their Passions

This article has been revised from the version that first appeared on our blog, which has been shut down
burning American flag

After reading various headlines and articles on a number of websites in this early part of 2017, it became obvious that things just get worse each passing day. Half the country is up in arms against the President. No, not the President of Mexico, Canada, or even China, Russia or North Korea as one might expect, but they are enraged at their own president, the American President. The man who took an oath and declared he would serve ALL of America’s citizens and is working toward keeping that promise.

The marchers, protesters and complainer's accusations are laced with inaccuracies, emotional assumptions, profanity and downright vulgarity. They are not fazed or swayed by facts and long standing precedent. Blocking traffic in the streets and highways, even refusing to move for emergency vehicles carrying sick people, has become one of the tactics of the liberal mind. Being that they are blind to all but their small narrow world and what they want, such tactics seem to be nothing but attempted heartless blackmail.

The scurrying and stumbling about of these frantic liberals reminded me of an incident from Genesis in the Bible. God sent two angels to the ancient city of Sodom to investigate the exceeding sinfulness reported to be taking place there. As it turned out the city had become wild, wicked and unruly and no one was safe in the streets at night. After seeing the two men, who were actually angels, go into Lot’s house, the men of Sodom stormed the house and demanded he send the men out so they could have sexual relations with them. As they threatened Lot and pressed closer, the angels took him into the house and shut the door. When the men tried to break the door down the angels struck the men blind. Even then they persisted in their determination, being driven like slaves by the thing they had allowed to conquer and to become a part of them. The blinded men continued struggling in the streets throughout the night hoping to find those men that were new to their city. Finally at daybreak the angels took Lot, his wife and two daughters out of the city. The sons-in-law mocked them and refused to leave with them. Then when Lot's family and the angels were clear of the city, God rained down fire and brimstone on the entire plain, destroying not only Sodom, but several other cities which were in a similar state of homosexual wickedness there in the area.

This was what came to mind today as I observed the photos, videos and writings depicting the people shuffling and pushing in the streets, being hit by cars and arrested, all the while never turning loose of that thing that drove them, their hatred for their own President. It didn’t matter to them that the actions to temporarily halt immigration from certain countries taken by the administration, have precedence in the law of this nation. Such information could interfere with their being high on hatred and they were not about to slow down to consider such a possibility. This type of sustained hatred is not normal, especially when there have been no laws broken, despite what many of these loud and angry Democrat liberals claim. Hatred like this comes from one place, the devil, the enemy of all that is good and right.

I’m not saying Donald Trump is a saint, by no means, but up to this point he is endeavoring to do what is right and what is good for America and Americans. Our former President seemed to do just the opposite while telling us what many wanted to hear. Right now the liberal minded people in this country are angry, they are scared, afraid some of their open and flagrant sinning privileges might be taken away or curtailed at a time when they thought Hillary was going to open a whole bag of new liberal privileges. That did not happen and like the sinners in Sodom, the liberals in America today have no intention of being denied. However, as our story proves, sometimes we just don’t get what we want if God has other plans. One can only wonder if those marching, rioting, disruptive protesters even suspect that it is they themselves that will bring the fire and brimstone raining down onto their heads. (Genesis chapters 18-19) tiny cross