Deception of Peace

Islam is not a religion of peace and never has been.

Where the following conversation took place escapes my memory and frankly the place is unimportant. What is important is that everyone needs to be aware of the danger that is steadily growing in our nation and around the world.

The Bible tells us that a deceiver is an antichrist (2 John 1:7). They do the work of the devil and today many are telling us that Islam is a peaceful religion. Why? I believe it is for the purpose of aiding the eventual mayhem, rioting and mass scale violence which will provide the excuse to declare Martial Law and in due time help make possible the world ruler the Bible tells us will come on the scene.

Over the years I have personally known some very nice Muslim people who follow the faith of Islam. Tender, compassionate, and even docile are all words that could be used to describe most of them. However, even a lion can be all of those things when his stomach is full. Some lions have even adopted smaller animals as their companions whose relatives they previously devoured. The fact is we must look at what is the basic nature and what has been taught. Their book teaches that they do most anything necessary to gain trust and acceptance and wait for their Allah to tell them when the time is right to strike the infidel (all non-muslims). Consider the following exchange from 2009 by an unnamed poster and myself, JimO.


Jim, you do realize that the Muslim religion as you call it, Islam, comes directly from the Old Testament of the Bible? Of course you didn't know that! Just as you can't paint 1/5 of mankind with the terrorist brush as the kooks hell bent on death and destruction include christians as well, small c in quotation marks on purpose, as the kooks OF ANY RELIGION should not define the vast majority of the good people!


JimO replied:

Yes, I am well aware that many falsely CLAIM that Islam came from the Old Testament, but they are sorely mistaken and under informed on the realities.

Islam is based on a DISTORTION of the God of the Bible and of the Old Testament. They do not worship the same God that I worship. They don't even know my God. They attribute words, ways, actions, and thoughts to their god (little g) that in no way fit or apply to the God of the Bible. That makes their god (little g) a creation of the mind and doctrines of man.

Any and every Muslim is a good candidate for carrying out terrorist activities as their religion is built on hate and destruction. Their history is full of both and their so-called holy book advocates no less of the same for today.

Don't tell me the Christian Bible does the same (advocates hate and violence) because you will be standing up and shouting I am ignorant! if you do. The Christian Bible, Old Testament to be precise tells us how God handled sin and tried to protect His people before this time of Grace that we now enjoy. A Grace that temporarily stays the hand of God and enables peace between God and man. The Muslim faith knows no such Grace and instead of praying for those who do not believe as they do their book advocates deceiving them and killing them, all in the name of their god (little g).

Frankly I do not and can not trust any Muslim that follows Islam as they have attached themselves to a doctrine that advocates killing me if I don't give up my faith. There are no fringe or radical Muslims. There are simply those who are at present lukewarm, like many Christians, and there are those who are living what their book teaches. tiny cross