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I wear no labels other than Christian

I only follow and believe the Bible. I do not accept or subscribe to any creed or belief system dreamed up by man. I do not say denominations as such are a bad thing, but most I know of are either flawed or incomplete when compared to the Bible, yet most think they are the bastion of truth. I especially reject the teaching that some are predestined to Hell. Christ died for ALL men everywhere, not just some that were chosen in the beginning. Such a doctrine teaches that everyone else is lost and cannot be saved so no need to tell them of the Gospel. Such is a contradiction of the words of Christ Himself. Those who repent and obey are the elected.

Neither do I label myself a Calvinist, or an Armenian as they are based on the doctrines of men, I do not follow a man, I follow Jesus, the Christ of God. Both of those labels include beliefs and practices that are not found in the Bible without twisting and/or deleting portions of the Scriptures. While both Calvinism and the Armenian doctrine have some true and accurate teachings, both also exclude vital teachings and practices found in the Bible. In my opinion both doctrinal systems have done great harm to the Church, the faith, and the walk of individuals who adhere to those teachings. The Bible tells us:

A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. ~ Galatians 5:9 ~ Matthew 15:9

Therefore both are thoroughly polluted and not fit for use or to be taught and followed. Yet most churches in America today have adopted one of these false doctrines. How has the Church allowed this deception for so long? Because people have abandoned reading and study of the Bible. As a result the enemy has seduced them into believing error and lies.

I am a Bible Believing Christian and was not taught by any man but was taught the Scriptures by the Holy Spirit of God as He promised for those who would study His written Word and pray for His wisdom. When I read the Bible it is as though God wrote every word to ME, that He is speaking to ME in real time TODAY. This is how I think God intended everyone read His precious Word.

Some of the Bible twisters will say I have not learned to rightly divide God's Word. Well I would inform them that the Holy Spirit did not offer that course because it not only twists Scripture, it sets portions aside as though they were for someone else and another part as for another time. In essence such teachers, and there are MANY of them, do just what Revelation 22:19 forbids. They take away from God's Word by ignoring what is written.

For anyone who came to this site seeking pearls from scholars and theologians you will be disappointed I will tell you now. I do realize that rare as they may be, there are some scholars and theologians who have overcome their supposedly Christian formal teaching and through faith, study and prayer they have come to a Spiritual wisdom and understanding of God's Word, correcting their prior deficiencies. In spite of years and years of formal education in various schools, most only have a carnal understanding of God's Word, so beware. The King James Bible is the sole authority and Jesus Christ is the ONLY Saviour. Folks, if you are not willing to look up the Scriptures then you should not read the article unless you know the teacher and have repeatedly established trust through prior verification of what they teach. You just might be amazed how many trustworthy teachers, preachers, ministries, books, magazines and everything else veer from the true quotation of the Word of God. Some also take out of context and when we are reading along the verse might seem right or the context might fit so well we don't question and ask; but is it WHAT THE BIBLE TEACHES? Start reading, start studying, start comparing. You will grow and it just may save your soul! Lord help all who sincerely seek you and your Word. Amen.

Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. ~ John 16:13

As God is my witness, I Jim Oakley, owner of this website, Walking His Word do firmly believe and am deeply convicted of the foregoing statements and can believe no other. tiny cross