Commentary on the King James Bible

A Bible Like No Other

Devoted to defending the King James Bible against those forces that would see it relegated to the trash heaps of history if they could. We stand against deceivers who would have people believe the King James Bible to be an inferior translation when it is in fact the best Bible the world has ever known.

Folks, many professing Christians today are living careless and backslidden lives and I believe there are several reasons for that. One is that they do not have the the true Word of God because they and their church use one of the counterfeits based on the corrupted manuscripts and writings published in 1881. Second they do not read the Bible they have. Imagine if you had never read a drivers handbook and set out driving. The signs would be pretty much meaningless to you. Well for the Bible reading Christian there are signs all around us today, and because we read the Bible we understand the meaning of those signs. Third, they don't really have the faith it takes to be a Christian. They want to be saved, but they want the world and it's enticements as well. Those who believe that is possible are deceived because no one can serve two masters. It is my conviction and that of many other people that the King James Bible is heads above all the rest that call themselves Bibles. We also believe there is ample historical evidence to support this stand.

If we will be sons of the truth we must consider what it speaketh, and trample upon our own credit, yea, and upon other mens too, if either be any way an hindrance to it. quote from: King James Bible Translators 1611 A.D.

The Translators state that they often prayed for God's guidance and help in their work and I believe God answered their prayers. He gave them wisdom and knowledge to sort through all the Bibles and manuscripts that were available and the ability to select only the Word of God which had been in the inspired originals. This is what they used to compile the King James Bible. Some say that the King James Bible is inspired and others say it is not. Our position is that the King James Bible Translators were guided by the Holy Spirit of God to know what was, and what was not of God, and what was His will. God did nothing more for the King James Translators than what He has promised to do for any who are born again, walking in the Spirit and humble obedience to His Word and in faith ask Him. The Lord guided them in word usage as well, where in many places a word only appears once in the Bible. Scholars today are fond of saying "the King James Translators should have translated this as ...". Folks I think that is a blasphemous statement coming from people who do not trust God to preserve His Word. Such people assume they can teach God and presume to correct His work when it needs no such correcting. Besides that fact the King James Translators knew they would have such criticisms and they addressed the issue in their Letter to the Reader. Many claim there are errors in the King James Bible. These are most often folks who trust in carnal knowledge and those who have never been born again. It is simply a case of the blind leading the blind. Do your research folks, don't just accept what the devil hands to you. Dig down and find the truth he is trying to hide. Folks will mock and ridicule, but all the true Christian cares about is What does God think? What does God say?

Today is the day to make the determination to forsake the flesh, the world, and to give your all to the Lord Jesus Christ. To abandon the imitations parading as His Word and read the King James Bible asking the Lord to help you, and to stop trusting man where you should be trusting the Holy Spirit to teach and guide. Read books or articles WITH your Bible, even everything you find on this site. Pray if you don't understand or see it right away. In God's time He will show you, teach you, mold you and make you in His image but it takes obedience and faith.

This site is for seekers with a sincere desire to examine an issue they may not be fully familiar with and may feel God is dealing with them to get more informed. God dealt with me on this very subject years ago and I'm so glad I heeded His call to get educated about my Bible. If you are one of those people then we wish you Godspeed in your studies. tiny cross