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ADHERE - To hold, be attached, or devoted; to remain fixed, either by personal union or conformity of faith, principle, or opinion; as, men adhere to a party, a cause, a leader, a church. To be consistent or coherent; to be in accordance; to agree. Syn. - To attach; stick; cleave; cling; hold

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This lack of an absolute source of truth has led to many in the churches hanging onto the sinful things of the world. Heartfelt prayer is seriously lacking today while false teachers and preachers are being supported and encouraged and as a result of this Spiritual deficiency, error is built upon error, Congregations have embraced error, deceit, and in general, spiritual blindness. They have come to love the lukewarm social gospel that has become so prevalent and that serves a false God and Jesus whom they unknowingly worship.

A major cause of this falling away is due to the many different versions of the Bible which come from polluted sources. The first thing to be destroyed when new versions are brought into the church is the basic unity that existed previously when the King James Bible was used by the overwhelming majority of people. Even if the a local congregation all use the same version whether a new one or the King James, they are no longer united with those outside their congregation who use yet another one of the many versions. The ultimate result is DIVISION, a word the devil loves for it always results in a weakening. Satan has accomplished a lot while letting people think they were maturing and becoming enlightened.

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. ~ 2 Timothy 4:3-4

For decades now Colleges and Universities that were once Christian institutions, have been showering the nation, even the world, with young adults many of whom once revered the Bible, its inherit wisdom and Author. Once they entered the modern day colleges they were preached to by the unbelieving intellectuals, the scholars who nearly always dismiss the Bible as nothing more than an old book with a few good bits here and there but overall irrelevant to us today. Sometimes they will refer to the Bible as traditional and part of our history while they leave the distinct impression that we have evolved beyond that today though. In this environment if the King James Bible is held up at all today it is only as an example of a beautiful but dead writing style. Folks, the alarming fact is that the situation is very little better in the Christian Colleges and Seminaries who were once considered pillars of faith, giving us great Christian leaders and preachers. Today, they claim we are more enlightened, have access to information that our forebears did not have, and so we can throw out huge portions, if not all, of the Bible as mere folklore.

Semester after semester students who once attended church regularly, and who believed to varying degrees the faith and in the faith of Christ, are subjected to disparaging remarks, even mockery of Christians. Todays youth are seldom strong in their faith to begin with because Sunday School for them was mostly about having fun instead of serious study as the Lord instructs us to do.1 So what do they do? They soon fall away from the little they may have had and choose to follow their friends and professors fearing, among other things being ridiculed if they stand for such old fashioned ideas.

These students no longer even try, nor do they think any of us should try to model our lives on what the Bible teaches. They have discarded the old landmarks, thrown down the plumb line and most usually become the god of their own lives no longer consulting God in any area of life. Folks these same young people have grown up and have become our neighbors, the bankers, politicians, doctors, school teachers, and even the Pastors! This is exactly why our nation is rapidly becoming a secular nation with God being removed from every facet of public life. This is why God is removing His hand of blessing and protection from this nation because as individuals and as a nation we have failed to adhere in every way. We have failed in our personal lives to adhere to sound Biblical doctrine, failed to lead sound moral lives of honesty and faithfulness. right arrow | Continued on Page three |

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: ~ 1 Peter 5:8


  • 1 sober; serious, solemn, grave. Serious minded.
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