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The Cracks Are Showing...


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ADHERE - To hold, be attached, or devoted; to remain fixed, either by personal union or conformity of faith, principle, or opinion; as, men adhere to a party, a cause, a leader, a church. To be consistent or coherent; to be in accordance; to agree. Syn. - To attach; stick; cleave; cling; hold

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Already we are seeing the cracks around the edges, but it has hardly begun. Consider Genesis chapter eighteen where Abraham bargained with God not to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah if there be any righteous people found there. God agreed to not destroy the righteous along with the wicked and the next day He sent angels to warn Lott and His family to leave. Lott's two sons in law only mocked him when they were told they had to leave or be destroyed. Even though they were given every opportunity to escape with their family they refused and were destroyed just like many today will be because they believed a lie and mocked the truth.

It is not only an armour, but also a whole armoury of weapons, both offensive and defensive; whereby we may save ourselves and put the enemy to flight.
~ King James Bible Translators commenting on the Bible ~ 1611

As our nation becomes more and more God defying and wicked while the Godly die off, we will see the country decline even more rapidly. There will be failure in every part from natural disasters to complete corruption in government and law enforcement. More rioting in the streets, brazen killings and crop failures that will bring on mass starvation. Folks if you can think of it, then it will fail. We have failed to adhere to the dictates and principles of God and He will show us just how blessed we have been these past two hundred plus years. He will show us what His hand has held back, what His hand has provided, and how He has cradled us in the palms of His hands.

On the part of Christians today there is a serious preoccupation with selfish desires instead of reaching out to those around us that are dying and going to Hell. Far too many send money to televangelists and feel they have done their duty but according to the Bible they have not. We have believed the world's lie that we deserve to be happy, comfortable, content, loved, pampered, and rich as we listen to misguided preacher after preacher encourage us to revel and glory in our flesh. Too many have made church little more than a circus and entertainment venue. Folks, the truth of the matter is that each one of us deserves Hell, plain and simple. If any believe anything differently they simply don't know the Scriptures and are puffed up, thinking higher of themselves than they ought to think (Romans 12:3).

Books are written and questions are pondered as to why Christians today have no power over sin, or over the things of the world. Part of the reason is that too many do not have the true Word of God in their hand or in their heart.

Jesus never said, Go make yourself feel good, lay back, rest, enjoy yourself. But Jesus did say, teach all nations, baptizing them . . . he that reapeth receiveth wages . . . keep my commandments . . . serve one another, and He said, Follow me. We must return to the roots of the Christian faith, and we can start by exchanging our perverted translation for the proven King James Bible. Satan is a skillful deceiver and an imitator. For example, a counterfeit one hundred dollar bill may look good in your wallet, but it does the bearer little good and always leads to trouble down the road. Similarly, that new translation of the Bible may look good on your table. Though it looks like a Bible and most of it reads like a Bible it is not the Living Word that God breathed for it has been corrupted by the addition of mans words. Like the counterfeit money it will do you little good and will certainly lead to trouble not only for the individual, but for the entire Christian community.

A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. ~ Galatians 5:9

Books are written and questions are pondered as to why Christians today have no power over sin, or over the things of the world. Part of the reason is that too many do not have the true Word of God in their hand or in their heart. The true Word of God brings faith, and with that faith there is power over sin and the world. All Bibles are not created equal and do not come from the same sources. We would do well to seek out unbiased research and learn just where the various Bible versions originated from and by whom.

I write these words in defense of the Faith, which is built on the unchanging and pure Word of God. It is our hope that those who are consulting something other than the Authorized King James Bible would pray on the matter, do some sincere research and pray again. Without the true Word, there can be no true faith and what we have today is a failure to adhere to the true source of wisdom. tiny cross