If You Knew Bible History... would not make such accusations

A critic of all Bibles addressed the following quote to me some years ago. Sadly his sentiments are not at all uncommon today and are often expressed in the same mocking manner as our critic employs:

Your Bible is almost 4,000 years old, and no one knows who the original authors are. The original manuscripts have been lost to time and all we have are copies of copies of copies. Each rewrite is degraded by shoddy translations, misprints, deletions, editing and rewritten into the bastardized form of today. Not to mention the King James version. How can you so easily put your faith in a book that is not even near the true word of God? ... By being blind and a stupid fool! ... Reevaluate.
I can't help but laugh at your convictions and devotion to an intangible construct of an unadvanced human mind. I know I have evolved beyond your sluggish development and don't need a crutch to cover my bedazzlements of a small mind.

My response follows:

If you knew anything about the history of the Bible you would know that the Old Testament is older than the New Testament and you would know that the New Testament is less than two thousand years old. You would know that the author of each book of the Bible is known with the possible exception of two which have a choice between two possible authors. You would know that the Bible was written over a period of about sixteen hundred years by men that in most cases did not know any of the other authors and so could not collaborate with them, yet they wrote similar things on similar topics.

If you knew anything about the history of the Bible you would know that the so-called best manuscripts and original manuscripts are of little value, if any, as regards the authenticity of the Bible because most of what we have today was taken from the trash piles of centuries past. They show evidence of being erased, and otherwise altered, and many have vague backgrounds coming from areas known to teach heresy. These are the manuscripts that make up the bulk of the new version Bibles.

If you knew anything about the history of the Bible you would know that the King James Bible is the most accurate Bible the earth has ever known as it is compiled from the most reliable manuscripts being in agreement more than any others and those copies were circulated in the early churches. Many of the others simply showed up one day, their history and origin a mystery. The KJ Bible Translators refused to use those undocumented and uncirculated manuscripts, even so, the new translations of today call them the best and most reliable manuscripts. If you knew anything about the history of the KJ Bible you would know that it was compiled over a period of seven years by forty-seven devout men who took it as a very serious matter to handle the Word of God and did so carefully and accurately being led by the Spirit of God.

If you knew anything about the history of the Bible you would know that the King James Bible is the Word of God more completely as no other ever has been or can be. Unfortunately it seems you prefer to remain ignorant and to blaspheme that which you dislike and don't understand. Now how smart is that behavior? Doesn't sound like that high IQ you brag of is of much benefit.

Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? there is more hope of a fool than of him. ~ Proverbs 26:12


If I were responding to the critic today I would also tell him that one cannot intimidate a true believer with hate, violence, slander or ignorance. There is no shame on our part to stand firmly knowing that the Lord has not guided us astray. Your mocking tone, outright attack meant to hurt and insult are as the old saying goes, water off a ducks back. Such insults are plentiful in this world and your words don’t harm me, however they do harm you friend, so your time would be better spent reading something, at least making an effort to learn some truth. May the Lord open your eyes is my prayer. tiny cross