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Letter to the Reader

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This letter from the Translators is long and while the spelling and letters used have been updated it still has many words spelled the way they were commonly spelled four hundred years ago. However, aside from the Latin sprinkled here and there, the message is discernible to anyone with any degree of intelligence and frankly should be read by EVERY Christian on the planet. Admittedly there are parts that are easier and more interesting reading so before you give up altogether perhaps consider skipping over any such place and try another section. It is better to read part of this valuable letter than to not read it at all. That is just how much information I believe it contains for those seeking truth and knowledge.

Those who criticize or try to correct the King James Bible and who use one of the modern versions and have not read this Letter to the Reader and the Epistle Dedicatory, have made an important decision without being fully informed and educated. Such is folly. For those reading other translations who do not know who Mr. Westcott and Mr. Hort are, and do not know what happened from 1849 to 1881, well that too speaks of their folly.

Back in the mid 1990's when the Internet was nothing like it is today I ordered a copy of the King James Bible Translators Letter To The Reader from the American Bible Society. They not only charged me for making the copy but sent one that was barely legible due to the blackness of the pages. I thought it a poor show for a supposedly Christian company but I have come to understand they have no real regard for God's Word same as most other Bible printers besides the money it brings into their bank account. In order to read the letter I took a yellow legal pad and I painstakingly wrote out every word that I could make out on that pad. I forget how long it took me but I believe it was a couple of weeks working several hours a day.

The KJBible Translators also predict they will be criticized, ostracized, and flat out lied about, which had already begun before publication, and it is still happening today.

The point is, I wrote it all out having to read and re-read every sentence as I went. I liken it to driving down a road versus walking down that same road. Writing something down is the walk and reading is the drive. Guess which one encounters more information from that roadway? When I was finished writing I read the entire letter through and so I know what message the Translators were sending to Bible readers. It helped me to know their heart, their respect and care for the Word of God and why they translated certain words and passages as they did. It also helped me to know that they had no ulterior motive other than to be able to put the Bible into the hands of every person who wanted one in a form they could read for themselves. Having a taste of who these men were caused me to also seek out and learn much more about each of them and how they lived their lives. No modern translator or compiler that I am aware of even comes close to those Godly men of four hundred plus years ago.

The King James Bible Translators praised both kings and Roman Emperors who were favorable to the faith but most were viciously attacked for their efforts at doing good and furthering the faith. They point out how down through history good is always attacked and there are always those who are never pleased no matter how good, noble, or excellent the work.

In their letter, the Translators write how the Church of Rome went from being a true church to one spewing forth poison. They write of the sins and blasphemies of the Popes and their cruel tortures of many of their own countrymen who have been put to death simply for trying to lead men to Salvation and a Godly life. Many of the individuals and groups are named who have fought against the Bible being translated into English and against the work of the King James Bible Translators even before it was finished. The KJBible Translators also predict they will be criticized, ostracized, and flat out lied about, which had already begun before publication, and it is still happening today.

Supposed scholars write and make speeches about how a word or verse again poorly translated in the King James Bible. Despite such claims the Translators of the KJBible made no mistakes by translating improperly or using inferior wording. Readers should see such accusations as a red flag knowing that these people are either ignorant or trying to impose their own interpretation onto the Word of God. Instead of giving you what God said and letting you come to the proper understanding through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in your own time, they are in essence slandering and mocking the Godly King James Translators. The fact is that the King James Translators themselves addressed this issue in their letter stating that it was on purpose that every word was not defined the same but allowed words to be defined by the context where appropriate. I must add though that without discernment we are left to believe the most convincing argument out there or what our mind likes. The Bible teaches that all saved people are given a measure of discernment and we are told to cultivate it that it may grow.1

I do hope you will read this letter that was once placed in the front of every King James Bible along with the Dedicatory Letter to King James but printers began leaving it out for the most part just over a hundred years ago to improve profits from what I understand. page 1 right arrow

1.Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:21 But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil. ~Hebrews 5:14

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