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Analyzing - Textual Criticism

Higher and Lower Methods

Bible verses missing

Most Christians, especially those who use one of the new Bible versions may not be familiar with these terms as nouns. Please note that the word analytics could as easily be substituted for criticism here so don’t be distracted by the word its self.

  • low·er criticism - Critical study, especially of the Bible, that attends chiefly to the words of the work being examined, exploring their meaning and seeking to establish an accurate text.
  • high·er criticism - Critical study of biblical texts to ascertain their literary origins and history and the meaning and intention of the authors.

One focuses primarily on the wording and meaning of individual words while the other is primarily concerned with the meaning and intention of the authors. There is no faith, no Spiritual understanding involved here. These are purely secular undertakings that require a belief that man instead of God wrote the Bible. That the Word of God is fallible, not preserved, and not constant in it’s meaning.

Folks both of these methods have been employed in order to arrive at the text that makes up every new version Bible since 1881. It is why many verses are left out of the new versions because they have been determined to not pertain to the twenty-first century. In such cases some scholar has decided that verse or passage was added later or removed earlier or is in their view questionable in some way.

It is higher and lower criticism that puts the King James Bible under constant attack even when done so condescendingly by these self appointed authorities. Spiritually dead scholars have decided the Bible, and the Manuscripts, are the work of man and are merely historical documents having no authority over our lives. Their new versions are, by design, to help you come to the same conclusion as well. Little by little they work to undermine the true Word of God with each new edition of their work.

In Matthew 24:24 we are warned that signs and wonder will almost seduce the very elect of God. Friends, imagine how much easier it is for Satan to deceive and seduce in regards to Bible versions where his claim is to simply help you understand.

Unless Christians learn to start exercising their Spiritual discernment they will continue to be seduced, deceived, and led down the lukewarm path. May these words of Jesus Christ ring in our ears my friends while there is time to hear.

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. ~ John 10:10 tiny cross