Pure Cambridge

Does Your KJBible pass the Test?

All King James Bibles are not the same. Some publishers are making changes on the sly. Take the test to see if your King James Bible is a pure and untainted Cambridge Edition.

plaque- change not

If your Bible agrees with the following 12 verses then you have a true and untarnished Cambridge Edition King James Bible. One of mine failed the test but is is so full of printing errors I was not at all surprised. Check these verses in your King James Bible;

  1. “or Sheba” not “and Sheba” in Joshua 19:2
  2. “sin” not “sins” in 2 Chronicles 33:19
  3. “Spirit of God” not “spirit of God” in Job 33:4
  4. “whom ye” not “whom he” in Jeremiah 34:16
  5. “Spirit of God” not “spirit of God” in Ezekiel 11:24
  6. “flieth” not “fleeth” in Nahum 3:16
  7. “Spirit” not “spirit” in Matthew 4:1
  8. “further” not “farther” in Matthew 26:39
  9. “bewrayeth” not “betrayeth” in Matthew 26:73
  10. “Spirit” not “spirit” in Mark 1:12
  11. “spirit” not “Spirit” in Acts 11:28
  12. “spirit” not “Spirit” in 1 John 5:8

We took this information from Bible Protector and from Jesus Is Lord . tiny cross