Let Us Reason Together

Are you having trouble discerning which is the Word of God?

plaque with KJBible

Being that I am an English speaking person, I recognize the Authorized King James Bible of 1611 to be the true, inerrant, and authoritative Word of God. The only other Bibles that I recognize are those based upon the same original manuscripts as the King James Bible, and translated into other Languages by righteous men called of God. Everything else is counterfeit and corrupt and has no business being called a Bible. Folks, such a position is no more radical than that of Jesus Christ who proclaimed ...I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me (John 14:6).

The foregoing statement is my strong conviction based on prayer first of all which prompted me to do research. The information surrounding the Bible is verifiable by history for all who would apply themselves to learn. With earnest research and study one will find there are two streams of data. A stream of facts carefully preserved by God Himself and there is a stream of fantasy carefully preserved by Satan himself. The reason I say earnest study is because most will stop after skimming the surface and all they get off the surface is the Satan provided Roman Catholic propaganda which despises the King James Bible.

There was a time in the early 1990's when I came to believe what I am so often told, that the new versions are better, and that all the versions have errors. Also, I had accepted the lie that the manuscripts of the new versions were the best and that the scholarly experts were the ones we should trust in this matter.

Not only did I believe all this nonsense, I peddled it to others as well, may God forgive me. My stand at that time, I can honestly say was based upon one of complete ignorance, and trust of what I was told and easily found to read. I have repented of that error and sought the truth through much application of self and prayer. No longer am I susceptible to the lies, and the deception that so pervades this issue.


God's Word has many a do and don't do in regards to living as a follower of Christ. It is unreasonable to suggest that God would not give us a sure and verifiable source for this information regarding what He expects and demands of His followers. To say that we do not have access to a Bible free of error or mistranslation is in my opinion short-sighted at best. To claim such a thing to be true, also mocks the God of the Bible and denigrates the authority and importance of His Word.

Why is it so hard for some to believe that we have a perfect Bible within reach today? Many will say it was perfect in the originals but folks we only have bits and pieces of some of the originals and I would dare say probably not one person who ever reads this will ever see one of those originals outside of a museum glass. Not very handy, and certainly not very conducive to study as 2 timothy 2:15 commands. Those fragments we have today were either rejected by the King James Translators or they were discovered since then. (There is plenty of controversy about what was discovered and what was created by the finders.) Those manuscripts and notes used by the King James Translators were purchased by the printer and shortly disappeared. It is as if God said It is finished!

To answer the question we asked about why it is so difficult for many to believe that we have a perfect Bible today is because they do not want to believe that. If they believed we have a perfect Bible then they would have no excuse for living carelessly. They would not be able to say we don't know what God meant for sure. They would be expected to obey the Bible and to live a holy life in this world and that is the last thing they want. They value the things of the flesh and the world too much to give it up, yet want to have the benefits of being a Christian. They deceive them own selves.

God works in man to accomplish what He wants done. King David prepared the blueprints to build the Temple. He prepared materials and men but God had told him that it would be built by Solomon, his son. When King David gave the blueprints to his son he told him;

All this, said David, the LORD made me understand in writing by his hand upon me, even all the works of this pattern. ~ 1 Chronicles 28:19

There are several other passages giving testimony to the power of God to help man do God's will and work. God equipped these men and many of the others to do the work He called them to do, and God does the same today, and He was doing the same in 1611.

One would be hard pressed to find an excuse to continue reading one of the counterfeit so-called Bibles that change time after time. God said that His Word is settled in Heaven (Psalms 119:88) that means it does not change. It cannot change because it is what holds the earth and the stars in place and keeps the sun shining among other things (2 Peter 3:7). Some say they were saved reading one of those versions, well then praise God that the Truth in them reached their heart! Thank Him that He had mercy on them. If we are saved in a sinful environment God expects us to get out. If we were saved reading a counterfeit, God expects us to grow and to seek the meat of His Word! Cast that imitation into the fire and seek the WHOLE Word of God, because the days are evil and you will need all of God you can get to make it through! Those who are serious about their Salvation and relationship with Christ will not leave any stone unturned when there is a possibility of undiscovered truth.

May God lead and guide you is my earnest prayer. tiny cross