Short Cuts Collections

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Short articles with a Christian message. These articles may include cuts from former posts, other articles, and conversations, and may cover a wide variety of topics.

Each article is under 500 words for a quick read.

  • A Liar's Grace ~ 469 words
    Ananias and his wife Sapphira paid the ultimate price for lying. So will many others.
  • Analyzing - Textual Criticism ~ 440 words (KJSection)
    A brief look at how the text used in all new Bible versions is decided upon.
  • A Foreign World ~ 488 words
    American societal norms are in upheaval as a divided nation battles over the future direction we take.
  • An Unfit Heart ~ NEW ~ 353 words
    A holy God cannot and will not dwell in a wicked heart.
  • Carnal Christians ~ 453 words
    We hear this a lot today but is there really such a thing as a carnal Christian?
  • How is Your Walk? ~ NEW ~ 474 words
    Are you walking like Jesus walked or is it more like the world walks?
  • Jesus is Lord of Lords ~ 306 words
    We do not teach Jesus as a baby in a manger but as the risen Lord of Lords and King of Kings. He will soon judge this world and us in Righteousness, condemning the guilty and rewarding the faithful.
  • Judging Clothing Worn ~ 441 words
    God is not interested in preserving cultures of any race or creed. He calls us to be new creatures, defined by Him and His Word.
  • Love ~ 226 words
    True Biblical love points the way to a safe haven.
  • Lusting Children ~ 449 words
    Children are encouraged to lust after everything from food to toys, and parents often are accomplices.
  • Made, Not Born ~ 443 words
    It is by the working of Satan through our mind and bodies of flesh that makes anyone a homosexual and like any other sin, no one is immune.
  • Many Foolish People Today ~ 473 words
    They deny God, His works and His authority over their lives.
  • Naming God ~ 333 words
    Some people use any name but the ones in the Bible and become vulnerable to worshiping something other than the God of the Bible.
  • No Stoning ~ 439 words
    God has abolished the old ordinances by Jesus Christ. His sinless blood is our covering and liberty.
  • One Religion Over Another ~ 257 words
    Refuting the claim that it is unconstitutional to elevate one religion over another in the United States.
  • Powerful Words ~ 299 words
    The foolishness of preaching Gods' Words is what saves souls.
  • Rejecting Knowledge ~ 363 words
    It is impossible to reject the knowledge and wisdom of God and be a Christian, yet many try.
  • Second Amendment ~ 230 words
    Responding to a gun control advocate who believes no individuals should be allowed to own or possess firearms.
  • Servants of the Church ~ 391 words
    God does not ordain women to preach or to pastor, neither does He call them to any of the offices He reserved for men.
  • Silence ~ 454 words
    The number of Christians who speak up in defense of the Word of God against blasphemy and doctrinal error is declining.
  • Something Different ~ 288 words
    Rather than admit the truth of our history, liberals had rather deny and change the facts...IF that were possible.
  • The Search For Jesus' DNA ~ 362 words
    Still Trying to rob Jesus of His Divinity, researchers have set out to find His DNA and descendants.
  • The Reproach of Men ~ 465 words
    Do we curry favor with God or with man? Our words and actions, or lack of tell the story.
  • Totally Helpless? ~ 450 words
    Are we really totally helpless in regards to our salvation? Is it true we can do nothing but let God bestow Salvation on whom He will?
  • Why Do We Suffer? ~ 380 words
    Suffering of any kind is unpleasant but there is always a reward if we will but see it.
  • Will of the People ~ 474 words
    How the will of the majority committed murder in the name of the law.
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