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Something Different

History, Morals, & Ignorance

Some posters on another site were accusing the Christians of trying to shove religion down their throat among other accusation the unsaved usually make. The original topic was on the decline of the moral fabric of America. My response follows.

I am not here to promote lies, hate, or deny anyone their God given rights. I am here to dispel ignorance, hatred, fear, and blasphemy. Whether one believes in God or not is their right to do and I accept that although I wish everyone believed as I do.

I'm not here to proselytize anyone. I am here because a once great country that became great because it honored the God of the Bible, is going down to ruin. I am here because the citizens of that country, who for two centuries, basically restrained their lusts and evil inclinations deferring instead to what was best for our civilized society. The people of this nation as a whole, no longer refrain themselves based on morality.

One does not have to change their way of life or their beliefs in order to see that this nation has been an exception in all of world history. Surely even the unbelievers can see SOMETHING different has built and preserved this nation, and would thus refrain themselves from fighting against that "SOMETHING."

To admit that the United States of America was founded on Christian principles does not infringe on anyone nor does it establish a religion, a church, or demand people not live as they choose to live. So why all the fear and animosity against the facts of history? Be reasonable or get your camera out and record the big fall that is surely coming, then see how much freedom you have. ~ JimO tiny cross