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Liberal vs. Conservative Ideals

This article has been revised from the version that first appeared on our blog, which has been shut down
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Voices in our streets and airwaves extol what many believe to be the virtues of the liberal progression of recent decades. Their biggest advocate has occupied the White House for the past eight years (2009-2017), which has emboldened many to speak up, to speak out, and come out from hiding. Increasingly the old ways, the old rules, and the old behaviors are being pushed aside to a twenty-first century model that the liberal has ushered in.

Not only have we seen laws changed, social behavior change, and America change, but the very foundation of who we are as a people and as a nation has been changing as well. No longer do we see the Bible as the basis for guiding our nation, society, citizens and laws, as has been the case for over two hundred years. Having thrown out the Bible as having no authority we have turned to the U.S. Constitution and to the laws of the United Nations (U.N.).

As fine a document as our Constitution may be it is not a document with the depth and moral guidance of the Bible. Freedom is good, as is equality, but who now defines these ideals? Is freedom for all supposed to include the murderer? The bank robber? Where is the wisdom in deciding equality? Regardless of how many laws are passed, men and women will never be equal in their strengths, whether physical or emotional.

The concept of sin is lost on the generations of today and they demand that what has always been known as sinful behavior, be elevated as equal with that which has always been deemed good and acceptable. No more right or wrong, no more male or female, and no more judgment of these things are their demands.

The liberal and the conservative, especially the Christian conservative, see the world in vastly different terms. The liberal sees it getting better stronger, more favorable to their position, and in part it is. The conservative sees the world as being in a state of decay with society in danger of collapsing at some point if the current trends continue, and that is a justified concern. Whether that be two years or twenty who can say but chaos is sure to result as we see signs already in many areas. The fact is that Our nation and our way of life were built on solid Bible principles and throughout our past history people have largely agreed on that fact whether or not they practiced the Christian faith. Laws, and the enforcers of those laws, were overwhelmingly respected and obeyed. Today having discarded the historic landmarks our nation is guided more by whim, ideology, sentiment, and rudeness, than by those things that made us great, free, powerful, and a Godly nation.

Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good. ~ Romans 12:9 tiny cross