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One Religion Over Another

plaque - Bill of Rights

A poster wrote; In a country such as America, it is un Constitutional to elevate one religion above another (i.e., what many would like to do with Christianity).

Jim responds; The simple fact is that our Constitution was written FOR a Christian people and a Christian Nation and our Founding Fathers said so in many of their writings. The Hebrew God is mentioned multiple times in the Constitution, on our money, and almost all of our Federal and State buildings. It is because from the beginning Christianity has ALWAYS been acknowledged by our founders as being superior to any other religion on earth because it is the only one that acknowledges the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as creator!

Despite what many, even lawyers claim today, it is NOT unconstitutional to elevate one religion over another. The key word is establishment. The Government may not make a national or state institution of (a church) or gain control of. The Constitution, specifically, the Bill of Rights also prohibits the Government from passing laws against religious exercise.

Unfortunately we live in a day when the Bill of Rights is losing its' authority as many Christians are denied their right of refusal to participate or be a part of some activities. Also we see many groups and activities today that are passed off as religions which are nothing more than humanistic and demonic manifestations.

Article three in the Bill of Rights states in part; ...Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof... ~ JimO tiny cross