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Powerful Words

...come only from God.

plaque-Glory in Cross

It is the Word of God that brings repentance to individuals and to nations and without the foolishness of preaching there will be no repentance. The unfortunate thing is that most, yes, most of the churches in the land have compromised, have gone apostate and only preach the words of men, which is a social feel good gospel. Americans, our nation, even the entire world are in more need of the Lord Jesus Christ than at any time in my lifetime. Our problems and divisions are growing moment by moment and hearts are becoming hard and cold against truth. True knowledge of God and Christ are scarce in the land as too many children have grown up under the influence of mocking disbelieving parents. This has led to a growing hatred in the land as righteousness is labeled as hate speech and the righteous labeled as haters.

The time for full Bible preaching and for true repentance is NOW as it may soon be illegal to even quote a Bible verse in the public arena. Russia recently passed such a law and Canada has restrictions on what can be taught in churches. Persecution is coming to God's people in America like it has already come to many around the world. Only those under girded by the indwelling Holy Spirit will be able to defy the arrows of the wicked one and to stand in these last days. Seek out and pray for and with Godly Bible believing pastors and individuals. People who have not been deceived and understand Bible preservation. They know the difference between the words of God and the subtle deceptions promoted by satan in his truth error mixtures. As we stated, only the Word of God can change hearts and turn individuals and nations around. ~ JimO tiny cross